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«Underwägs uf schmale Latte»

22 kilometres cross-country skiing trails for relaxed hours close to nature

Classic & skating style

Everything you need to know about cross-country skiing at Diemtigtal Nature Park

It looks so smooth when cross-country skiers glide along the trails. The Diemtigtal (Diemtig valley) offers an exciting variety of trails in a fairytale landscape to all afficionados of this Nordic endurance sport. Do you prefer skating or classic style? Both styles can be practiced in the Diemtigtal Nature Park. Our cross-country skiing lessons are suitable for beginners as well as for advanced cross-country skiers.

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Discover cross-country skiing as your new sport!

  • You can enter the trail at different points

  • The Diemtigtal (Diemtig valley) offers classic as well as skating cross-country skiing trails of differing levels of difficulty

  • The trails are 22 km long, which means that there’s enough space for all skiers

  • We suggest that beginners start their first experiences on the trail with an instructor, who can give some tips and tricks

  • Both sport shops of the Diemtigtal (Diemtig valley) rent cross-country skiing equipment. This is an excellent opportunity to test skis and boots before buying them

Tips from the instructor

Even if you are an advanced skier it’s worth having your first experience on the cross-country trail with an instructor. They may give you useful tips. With a little bit of fitness and patience you’ll quickly notice your progress when practicing this winter sport close to nature.

Get 50 % discount on your first Schnupperstunde (trial lesson) with your NaturparkCard (guest card).

Important to know: The lessons are held in German.

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Up to 22 km

Discover cross-country skiing as your new sport

The cross-country skiing trails in the Diemtigtal (Diemtig valley) lead you along mountain rivers, through snowy forests and across untouched meadows, which are the perfect surroundings for cross-country skiing. Glide, light as a snowflake, through the valley’s snow. Your poles follow your rhythm. It isn’t important if you are one of the pros or just want to have some fun. Cross-country skiing is always fascinating. Moreover, it’s very healthy because you’ll use most of your muscle groups. A tour through the Diemtigtal (Diemtig valley) offers you a wonderful escape from daily life and is a «back to nature» experience.

Cross-country skiing trails in the Diemtigtal (Diemtig valley)

The well-developed cross-country skiing network is located between Zwischenflüh and Schwenden. Depending on the weather conditions, up to 22 km of trails are prepared, for classic and skating. The trails offer a variety of levels:

  • Wiriehornloipe (Wiriehorn cross-country skiing trail): slightly hilly and flat valley bottom
  • Tiermattiloipe (Tiermatti cross-country skiing trail): the trail ascends from Anger and then flattens out into loops and straight parts over sunny and easy ground
  • Grimmimutzloipe (Grimmimutz cross-country skiing trail): from a fitness and skiing perspective, this is the most demanding trail, and offers a beautiful landscape with the Blauseeli mountain lake and Würziwald forest

The starting points are all served by public transport. However, there are also parking spaces available. You’ll find them at Senggiweid Schwenden, Grimmialpbergbahnen Schwenden, Schulhaus Schwenden, Tiermatti Schwenden, Anger Zwischenflüh, Post Zwischenflüh and Wiriehornbahnen Zwischenflüh.

The cross-country skiing trails are open daily from mid-December, if weather conditions allow it. Find our winter sports report showing you which cross-country skiing trails are currently open here: > Infosnow

It’s a lot of work keeping the cross-country skiing trails constantly well-maintained. For this reason you should buy the cross-country ski trail pass. Diemtigtal’s cross-country skiing trails are part of Loipen Schweiz (Swiss cross-country skiing trails organisation) and consequently their pass is also valid for our trails. Find all information about where to buy it on the cross-country skiing trails descriptions.

You’re allowed to bring your dog along the cross-country skiing trails. We expect your dog to obey your commands and that you take Robidog bags with you.

Boots, skis and poles

You don’t need that much for your first experience on cross-country skis. Rent the boots, skis and poles in one of the two sport shops > Stucki Sport (valley station Wiriehornbahnen, only for classic) and > Erb Sport (valley station Grimmialpbergbahnen). In addition to the equipment you’ll need your cross-country ski trail pass, something to drink and clothes you can adapt to the temperature, since you can feel quite warm when being active.

The Heinzelmännchen (elves) of the Diemtigtal cross-country skiing trail

The «Loipe Diemtigtal» association was founded back in 1980. René Burkhard has been its president since 1992 and he is responsible for the cross-country skiing trail. Cross-country skiing is René’s life and he is very dedicated to the Diemtigtal trail. He loves to drive a snowcat in the early morning hours and enjoys the atmosphere of a starlit night. Always close to nature.

René and his team start their maintenance work in autumn to guarantee a beautiful cross-country skiing trail during winter. They cut back shrubs, build bridges and put the signs in place. During wintertime, they work according to the weather conditions: If it snows during the night, they prepare the trail in the early morning hours. In spring, the snow gets softer and the work on the trail can start only in the evening. Much more manual work is required when there’s only a little bit of snow, rather than when there’s a lot. René Burkhard gets help, especially from his family. The younger generation loves to help him and are already learning how to drive a snowcat. 

During an excellent winter season, such as 2012/13, the Diemtigtal cross-country skiing trail can stay open up to 113 days. However, in other seasons, for example in 2010/11, there were much fewer. The trail was open only on 26 days. 

René works as a carpenter at the Schreinerei Wüthrig AG in Schwenden. It’s only thanks to the flexibility of his employer and the help of volunteers and his family that he’s able to maintain the high standards of the cross-country skiing trail. René’s very grateful for their support and also the land owner’s goodwill, offering their land to the cross-country skiers free of charge. Paying for the use of the land simply wouldn’t be financially viable for the association. 

Further information (only in German): > Verein Loipe Diemtigtal (Diemtigtal cross-country skiing trail association)

Good to know!

22  km

cross-country skiing trails of different difficulty levels lead through the Diemtigtal (Diemtig valley)

1280  m a.s.l.

is the highest point of the cross-country skiing trail. The lowest lies at 990 m a.s.l.


starting points are accessible by public transport. If you prefer to arrive by car, there are also parking spaces available

12  CHF

is the cost of a day ticket. The Schweizer Langlaufpass (Swiss cross-country ski trail pass) is valid

discount on a Schnupperstunde (trial lesson) cross-country skiing with your NaturparkCard (guest card). The lessons are held in German

you can find the current winter sports report here